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Our signature high-energy, one-hour class focuses on treadmill-based interval training and incorporates strength training and pilates-based core exercises to bring you a total body workout. Each class is built on the foundation of three levels: walker, jogger and runner, so that all can enjoy.

18 stations combining both strengthening floor work and treadmill based cardio. Each Circuit is thoughtfully designed to keep the heart rate elevated and work the entire body.

Take our signature Tread class to the next level by incorporating additional floor work and quicker transitions. This is an advanced class that should only be taken after you have taken 5 or more Tread classes.

A 45-minute class that allows participants to focus solely on advancing their practice in TRX. This class incorporates a deeper dive into the TRX moves you see in a Tread class along with challenging new combinations of moves using the TRX.

Our one-hour Mat Pilates class is composed of low-impact exercises, designed to lengthen your frame, define your muscles and strengthen your body’s powerhouse. 

Our 30-minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) class is a series of cardio bursts broken up by high-repetition strength-focused workouts.

Sharpen your skills on the BOSU during this 45-minute high-energy class focused on balance, cardio and total body toning.

A high-energy class focused on toning the whole body. Expect high repetition, pulses, and cardio bursts using light weights and resistance bands to target your legs, arms and abs. Body Burn is a hot class that will challenge your strength, control and muscular endurance.